IT Acquisition Consultancy

If a company is being purchased or sold, you need to make sure that the IT you are investing in is fit for purpose. Our IT acquisition consultancy service will ensure you’re getting the full story, and in detail.

We will spend a great deal of time fully evaluating the technology being used within the company. By using the leading industry standard tools, we will thoroughly examine the IT technology at work in the business, providing thorough feedback about its capability, and ultimately is suitability.

Business Compatibility

We’ll then identify shortcomings, looking for technology that is not suitable or is missing altogether and we will identify what exactly is required. Compatibility is key, so by fully reviewing the technology within the business, we will give you a clear picture of how compatible it is with each other, and with any new systems that may be recommended.
Any applications and systems that are deemed incompatible will be recorded and we will then identify solutions and replacements for these. Cost effectiveness will be forthright in our minds, ensuring the recommendations that we give you will help you make the correct decisions.


Company Feedback Report

This isn’t simply an evaluating; this is a high-level report which will give you the information you need to help make this business sale or purchase a success. We will produce a thorough inventory of all IT equipment within the company, including the capital worth of this equipment.
By reviewing the functions, processes, services and equipment so thoroughly, we will be able to feedback to you ways in which to maximize productivity and eliminate unwanted costs.

Finally, throughout the process, we will aggressively liaise with the company on the opposite side of the transaction to ensure complete transparency, always ensuring the focus is on protecting your business assets.