Desktop computing for businesses remains the most important area of IT in many cases, with employees needing constant access to fast, reliable and powerful machines which can run software vital for their job role at the peak performance levels.

ITwishes can help your business make this goal a reality. Our desktop IT solution for business can be built around your business, but specifically relates to several key areas.


While we now live in a world in which we have likely purchased many desktop computers down the years, buying them for business is a much trickier challenge. PC or Mac? I5 or i7? Laptop or desktop? Standard hard-drive or solid-state drive?
There are so many decisions to make now when purchasing new desktop hardware, it can be difficult to know when to start. ITwishes offers both consultancy, and hands-on assistance in these scenarios. We can sit down with you to understand your business and the IT needs you have before marking recommendation based upon those.
We can even do the purchasing for you, ensuring you get competitive prices for the IT solutions that you really need.

Service ecommerce
Web Services

Servicing & Installation

Whether you buy brand new desktop machines, or you’re running hardware that has been in place for some time, you always need to keep the PCs and Macs in optimum condition. Our desktop computing service for businesses also includes the purchasing, installation and configuration of software across all of the machines in your company, not to mention the often-confusing licensing that is required for some software.

We also provide a desktop PC servicing for existing computers, as well as full anti-virus protection and the upgrading, debugging and diagnostic work across your computer network.