IT Relocation & Move Management

When your business is moving to some new premises, moving your IT infrastructure can be a stressful and costly process. ITwishes can supply a professional office relocation service for your entire business IT infrastructure, a process shaped by our years of experience.

Why choose ITWIshes For

IT Relocation & Move Management

Secure Data Transport

We will go in to your existing business location and catalogue all your inventory, before packing it away carefully with records of exactly what should sit where. The equipment will be wrapped in protective coverings and packed away in secure crates, ready for the move.



Armed with plans of the new office or premise, drawn-up with assistance from you, we will then take care of moving all your IT equipment to the new location where we will meticulously set everything up again in its new position. These plans will mark the locations of each piece of equipment, so that everyone knows exactly where each item will belong.


On-Site Assistance

Our service can be tailored for your specific needs, but we can configure networks and printers again for you, alongside the setting up of PCs, servers and other IT equipment. You can rest assured that our attention to detail means that all your computers will be set-up, tested and ready to go when your staff arrive for their first day at work in their new premise.

Thanks to our detailed indexing of equipment, we can even guarantee keyboards, mice and telephones will be on the same side of the desk for the user as they were in the old building!